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Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIP®)

Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional (CCIP®) validates advanced knowledge and skills required to manage service provider infrastructures. With a CCIP certification, a network professional working in a service provider organization demonstrates competencies in infrastructure IP networking solutions. The CCIP curriculum includes IP routing, IP QoS, BGP, and MPLS.

BSCI 642-901

  • Implement EIGRP operations

  • Implement multiarea OSPF operations

  • Describe integrated IS-IS

  • Implement BGP for enterprise ISP connectivity

  • Implement multicast forwarding

  • Implement IPV6

  • Implement CISCO IOS routing features

BGP 642-661

  • Introduction to BGP

  • BGP Session Establishment

  • BGP Route Processing

  • Basic BGP Configuration

  • Monitoring and trobleshooting BGP

  • Multi-Homed BGP Networks

  • AS-Path Filters

  • Prefix-List Filters

  • Outbound Route Filtering

  • Route-Maps as BGP Filters

  • Implement Changes in BGP Policy

  • BGP Path Attributes

  • BGP Local Preference

  • BGP Multi-Exit-Discriminator(MED)

  • BGP Communities

  • Introduction to Route reflectors

  • Network design with Route Reflectors

  • BGP Peer Group

  • BGP Route Flap Dampening

MPLS 642-611

  • MPLS Fundamentals

  • MPLS Operation

  • Frame Mode/Cell-Mode MPLS Implementation,

  • Configuration and Troubleshooting

  • MPLS Virtual private Networks Technology

  • MPLS VPN Implementation,

  • Configuration & Troubleshooting

  • Complex MPLS VPNs

  • Internet Access from a MPLS VPN

QOS 642-642

  • IP QoS Fundamentals

  • IP QoS Components

  • Modular QoS CLI and Auto-QoS

  • Classification and Marking

  • Congestion Management Methods

  • Congestion Avoidance Methods

  • Traffic Policing and Shaping

  • Link Efficiency Mechanisms

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