Checkpoint Firewall (Classroom Training)


With the evolution of the Internet, everyone is connected everywhere. This raises serious concerns for organizations trying to protect their confidential and critical data. Corporate Networks also need to be protected from various threats like Viruses, Malicious Software (Malware), Trojans, Spyware, Spam etc. A Network Administrator needs to be constant aware of the threats to the organization's network and data and protect these by proactive deployment of firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

The Firewall Course offered by Zoom Technologies will enable you to handle these challenges with ease and protect your valuable data.

Checkpoint Firewall Course Contents

  • Introduction to Checkpoint firewall
  • Discussion on the modular nature of Checkpoint firewall
  • Functionalities of Management, FW-1 & GUI modules
  • Types of Checkpoint installation
  • Hardware platform
  • Checkpoint Rule base
  • IP spoofing
  • Installation of Checkpoint on SPLAT
  • Initial configuration of Splat
  • Web access to Checkpoint
  • Download & Installation of smart console
  • Accessing Checkpoint through smart dashboard
  • Checkpoint objects description
  • Anti-spoofing configuration
  • NAT Configuration
  • Filter Configuration
    • URL Filtering
    • Antivirus inspection
  • Content Analysis
  • User Authentication
    • User Authentication
    • Session Authentication
    • Client Authentication
  • Backup & Restore of configuration

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