Hardware & Networking (Classroom Training)


This is a course for the first-timers and beginners who are new to the PC and Networking world. This course deals with the basics of Personal Computers like identifying and assembling various components of PCs etc. It is the first step for a student to enter the hardware and networking industry.

PC Hardware & Networking Training - Course Contents

Introduction Computer

  • History of Computers
  • Types of Computers
  • Overview of PC / Block Diagram


  • Types of Memory
  • Memory Modules & its specifications

Processor Types & Specifications

  • Buses & its types
  • Speed Rating & over clocking
  • Physical packages of Processor
  • Generation of Processors & comparison

Storage Devices

  • Floppy Disk Storage
  • Hard Disk Storage
  • Optical Storage

Mother Board Architecture

  • Form Factors
  • Various components & its functions
  • Chipset-functions

BIOS & Installation

  • BIOS Basics
  • CMOS Setup Specification
  • Installation of Windows

OSI Layers

IP Addressing


Networking Fundamentals

  • Types of Networking
  • Topologies
  • Media & Cabling
  • Devices

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