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ASP .NET is a set of Web development tools provided by Microsoft . Network Zone Provide Industrial training in ASP .Net .Network Zone pvt ltd is Market leader in .net application development and training in dehradun . Web Applications are becoming most popular now-a-days . Now we can Edit Photos online, Manage records in database, Create Docs without installing Word processors etc. ASP.NET is a web framework that help us to create such applications. The main advantage of framework is that it can use features of operating system .

Network Zone pvt ltd is providing industrial training in .net technologies since 2003, it has trained more than 10, 000 btech cse and it professionals in .net framework in dehradun .

Network Zone is providing 100% practical course-ware in .net applications in dehradun.

There are three approaches to build web sites and Web applications:

  • Web Pages: Web pages gives a simple path to connect with a database server . We can also add in dynamic server code into HTML using the new syntax for fast development.

  • Web Forms: When you want to develop web applications in with Drag-drop functionality you can use Web Forms . Style and design method is very simple and easy with lots of controls available whenever appearance is very important . This will make programmers much more productive to build web application in brief time .

  • MVC: MVC is MODEL VIEW CONTROLLER builds on a model in which you can easily build a model of the practical application .After that view is designed a look that allows clear separation of model and also view in web applications. We provide advanced asp .net training in dehradun.

Course Overview

  • ASP.NET MVC4- An Overview
  • Design Web Applications and Controllers
  • Develop Models and Views
  • Use jQuery and JavaScript for Responsive Applications
  • Manage Web Applications Access
  • Test and Debug Web Applications
  • Structure Web Applications
  • Apply Styles to Web Applications
  • Build Responsive Pages in Web Applications
  • Build a flexible Web Application
  • Employ Azure Web Services
  • Implement Web APIs in Web Applications
  • Handle Requests in Web Applications
  • Deploy Web Applications


Core Concepts

  • Introduction to .Net
  • Visual Studio
  • Web Forms
  • Server Controls
  • ASP .NET applications

ADO .NET Fundamentals

  • Data Components and the Data Set
  • Data Binding
  • Rich Data Controls
  • Caching and Asynchronous Pages
  • Files and Streams
  • LINQ and XML

Building ASP .NET Websites

  • User Controls
  • Themes and Master Pages
  • Website Navigation controls
  • Website Deployment in ASP .NET


  • Authentication of Form
  • Memberships and Roles
  • Windows Authentication in ASP .NET
  • Authorization
  • Profiles security

Client Side Programming

  • JavaScript and AJAX
  • Basics of Silver light

Project Work

  • Development in ASP.NET
  • Unit Testing in ASP.NET
  • Deployment in ASP.NET
  • Documentation


  • URLs and Routing
  • Controllers
  • Extensibility of Controller
  • Views
  • Models and Data Entry
  • User Interface in ASP .NET
  • Ajax and Client Scripting in ASP
  • Vulnerability and Security
  • Project Deployment

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